LGBTQIA+ News UK: Cardiff City to Host First EuroGames in UK

EuroGames is the biggest yearly multi-sporting event organized for the LGBTQIA+ community. The games will be held in the Welsh city in 2027 after a successful bid by the Pride Sports Cymru team. This is after winning against Munich, the rival bidder, during the EGLSF annual general meeting held in Antwerp. 

Previously, the games have never been held in Europe. EuroGames is governed by the EGLSF (European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation) and has been in existence for close to 30 years. Cardiff will be hosting the 24th edition games since its induction in 1992 at The Hague.

Cardiff’s Successful Bid

The team behind Wale’s successful bid says that it is the perfect opportunity to show that the Welsh community is welcoming to people of any sexual orientation. Duncan Cameron, the chair of the Cardiff Lions rugby team, says that their union club is the first all-inclusive club in Wales. Thus, hosting the games will hugely benefit them by raising the profile of inclusive sports. The event plans on hosting about 27 sports for LGBTQ members and other participants. For instance, the Cardiff Red Kites are highly elated at hosting badminton competitions for LGBTQ+ members all over Europe.

Neil Roberts, a spokesman from the team, says that it will be a means by the club to offer a ‘sense of community’. He says that most LGBTQ+ people face numerous barriers while trying to access sports activities. Clubs like his help them enjoy themselves and maintain both physical and mental fitness. Other sports to be held include tennis and volleyball. Alongside the sporting activities, opening and closing ceremonies cultural programs and a games village bonanza are within schedule. It will also generate local and international revenue for the Welsh capital.

10,000 and more participants are expected to take part in the competitions, including transgender athletes. It comes in handy especially after some international sports bodies have effected bans on transgender athletes competing under the female category. Both the Football and Cricket Board of Wales and England require any transgender athlete to send an application before competing under the female category. The applications are then liable to vetting on a case-by-case basis. EuroGames bridges this gap by being a sport for all regardless of gender, sex, age, or prowess. Galloway is the Cardiff Dragons chair. She says that the football club allows trans men to compete in their authentic gender under the male category, and vice-versa for trans women.

What Does the EuroGames Plan on Achieving in 2027?

The rise in hate crimes against trans people and the increased anti-LGBTQ reporting across the European media has shown gaps in equality within Europe. Pride Sports Cymru teams hope that the EuroGames will advocate for an increased number of gender non-conformers, non-binary persons, and transgenders in sports. Connecting LGBTQ Welsh sports-persons will be catalyzed by EuroGames, thus laying a path for future success. In 2024, the games are to be held in Vienna, Austria in July.

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